An entertainment-finder looking to conquer the mobile application frontier. A website connecting and sharing numerous free experiences all around Denmark, for both the native population and tourists alike.

My Role

Create a new and responsive design, based on the design of the website.


Implementation and improvement of the new design based on tests.
Implement the design in Android Studio and usability test it.
UI/UX Design, Usability Test
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GratisGoder was started as a small project to create a community-based website for sharing and finding free experiences all over Denmark.

The founder of the site wanted the service to become available on mobile devices as well in app-form, whilst still retaining the features of the website and if possible, also keep the look and feel of it.
I was therefore tasked, together with a team of application developers, to create, design and develop an application that would do exactly that.
With an already active user-base, we started by analyzing the existing website, locating key features that we wanted to carry-over in pristine condition, losing no value and only adding to the experience.
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The design had to compliment and be familiar with the design of the website, whilst also being simple to navigate and experience on a mobile device.

We started by taking elements of the original site and fitting the design responsively unto a smartphone. Then we started the process of usability testing from the get-go as we already had something to test.
Using the design principles of Design Thinking, we empathized with the users and listened to the key problems and headaches they had with the design overall.
One of the key problems included the ability to add new experiences on the fly when discovered. Users often found themselves discovering an interesting attraction, then forgetting to add the experience later on, on their home computer.
Therefore we decided to make the process of adding new experiences a central, simple and easy part of the application.
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The flow of adding a new experience was well received, and we decided to use this design moving forward.

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As the application neared it's finish and conclusion, we released it on the play store.

We observed as the application was downloaded and used and analyzed the data.
We were happy with the reception, as the application made a fine complement to the site.